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Frozen pipes are one of the most significant sources of damage for homeowners linked with winter weather. When a pipe freezes, water
can back up behind the blockage and cause a rupture leading to significant property damage. Homeowners can take a number of steps
before winter arrives to prepare their plumbing system for a drop in temperature.

options homeowners can explore for insulated exposed pipes.

is important to insulate any attic penetration, such as a partition wall, vent, plumbing stack, electric or mechanical chases. Access
doors into the attic must also be property sealed to protect a home from cold air in the attic.

and fire protection lines and electrical conduits.

 - Disconnect garden hoses and shut the indoor valves that control water flow to the outside of the house. Drain the pipe between
the indoor valve and the outdoor faucet.Despite these precautionary steps, extreme drops in the temperature can still cause pipes
to freeze.

Simple steps to protect your home during these cold snaps include:

 - Paying attention to local weather forecasts that predict extreme cold weather.
more exposed to cooler temperatures.

- Maintaining a consistent thermostat temperature during the day and at night. Turning down the thermostat at night, for example, can
expose some pipes to extremely low temperatures.

- Pipes under sinks or appliances are usually not insulated, so opening kitchen and sink cabinets can open access to warmer air circulating
throughout the house.

- Keep the garage door closed. Sometimes water pipes can run through the garage if it is attached to the home. An open door can
expose these pipes to extremely low temperatures.

return in a number of ways.

 - Ask a neighbour to check on the house at least every other day to make sure the temperature is not too low.
 - Before you leave, drain your water system.

Power outages are one of the more common causes of frozen pipes. Without power, the water supply may also shut off. If you do not
flush water out of the pipes it can easily freeze.
 If water is no longer coming into your home, turn off the main water valve coming into your home. Open all taps to clear the
remaining water in the pipes.
Homeowners should ensure that they can access a back-up power supply, such as a stand-by generator.

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