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Claims can be submitted by calling our office any time during business hours at 306-693-2388 (Moose Jaw) or 306-759-2388 (Eyebrow).
For EMERGENCY Claims after regular business hours please call 306-630-6856.
The Claims Process for Home, Agro and Commercial Claims
1. Contact Heron-Powers Insurance and we will obtain your claim details.

2. We will report the claim to the insurance company on your behalf.

3. An adjuster will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the claim and to arrange a time to adjust the damage.

4. When it's safe you are allowed to make temporary repairs and take other steps to protect your property from further damage. Please take pictures of all damages and save any receipts from repairs as your adjuster will ask for these. DO NOT DISPOSE OF DAMAGED ITEMS as the adjuster will need to look at them. The following are examples.

5. Often the claims adjuster will request that you to obtain at least 2 detailed written estimates to repair damages. Make sure that you are getting these from reputable reliable contractors who are insured, licenced and bonded; as one of these contractors may be the one working on your property and you will want to ensure the work is completed to your satisfaction.

6. Should you have any concerns with how the claim is progressing or general questions please give us a call and we will do our best to assist you. That is just one of the things we are here for.

Heron-Powers Insurance Inc.

The Claims Process for Auto Claims
1. All auto claims should first be reported to the nearest SGI Claims Centre. For Moose Jaw and area the toll free number is 1-800-667-5103. The direct line is (306) 691-4500. You may also file your claim electronically at

2. For your extension auto policies other than SGI Canada Auto Pak please call our office as we will need to file a report on your behalf.